Alex is a fantastic resource to have on our product development team. He’s brought a fresh perspective to our group and has worked hard to establish design systems that enhance our product design process. For me, personally, Alex has been critically important in helping with an initiative to increase our organization’s UX maturity. Alex is a champion of modern, innovative design practices and a wonderful teammate who is committed to our team’s success.
— Pearce Nemeth, Product Manager @ Novus Health / Novus Santé
Alex elevates projects on contact because he shoots for the best outcome possible. He is an incredibly inventive and accessible person and his UX work is a reflection of that. Alex also meets challenges with a great sense of curiosity. Which is something everyone can learn from. If you are looking to infuse your projects with sustainable innovation, Alex is your guy!
— Jennifer Lindsay, Assistant Manager @ Stephen Bulger Gallery
If ALEX DAVIS was an acrostic poem, the V would stand for Visionary. I’m not a poet so I can’t help with the rest, but that doesn’t change the fact that Alex is an outstanding member of my team. I know that I can rely on Alex to keep himself updated and informed on user experience trends, all the while maintaining a critical eye for what really makes sense for our products. One of the great things about Alex’s attitude towards design is that it doesn’t stop at the edges of a screen; Alex is clearly passionate about user experiences at work and with processes in general, which constantly informs his designs. He also brings with him a fantastic attitude that everyone around him loves to work with!
— Lily Mills, Senior Content Manager @ Novus Health / Novus Santé